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Is atflashback.com membership free?

YES, it’s free. Anyone/Everyone can become a member of atflashback.com anywhere and at anytime.

What are the advantages of atflashback.com members?

atflashback.com is an online social network where you can socialize and meet and make friends. This is also an online dairy where you can record your memorable events in life, so that you can come back and refresh yourself or share the flashbacks with your friends. It’s a user friendly site where everything is at your fingertips. It’s easy to navigate from page to page. You can sent instant messages and post scribblets to your friends. You can make a circle of friends with whom you share common flashback. You can add photos and videos, and share it with friends. You can set privacy through our privacy settings. Everything in atflashback.com is secure. If by any chance you don’t like our site you can deactivate your account anytime and we are open to suggestions. You can post your suggestions at contactus@atflashback.com.
Everything here is in plain view, so you won’t need any help as far as the functionality of the site is concerned.

What is flashback and what is its functionality?

Flashback is a unique functionality of atflashback.com. In here you can record your flashbacks. It’s just like a diary entry but here you can also paste photos. Unlike dairy you don’t have to worry about misplacing or losing your precious memories. atflashback.com keeps all your flashbacks safe and secure. It’s up to you with whom you want to share your flashbacks with. Anywhere and anytime you can accesses your flashbacks. You can view your flashbacks by place of origin of flashback or by flashback dates.

Where all can I set privacy?

You can set privacy for your profile page, photos, flashbacks and videos. There are three kinds of settings – you can allow everyone to see your contents (all), only friends in your network can view your contents (friends only) or only you and no one else is allowed to view your contents (only me).

If I forget my password what should I do?

In the login page there is a “forgot password” link. Click on to it and then follow the instructions. An email will be sent to the email id given by you to atflashback.com.

If I feel my password is no longer secure, then how do I change it?

You can change your password by clicking the link in the edit profile page. It’s that easy!!!!

How can I delete a mate from my mate list?

Just click on the “Mates” tab in the user home page and then go to “My Mates”, there you can select and delete any number of mates.

Will my mate find out if he/she is deleted from my list?

No and never will we let them know that you have removed them from your mate list. atflashback.com respects our users privacy and we will not do anything that will hamper the users trust on us.

How can I deactivate my account?

It would be a big setback for atflashback.com team if you want to discontinue our membership. But we respect your decision and you are always free to do what you like at atflashback.com. To deactivate your account go to edit profile page and click at the “account cancellation” tab.
We are always open to suggestions. If you want to give your suggestions or if you have any further queries please contact us on: