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About Us

Flashbacks are any events in your life that you want to treasure and share with friends.

atflashback.com is a student networking site. Students around the world can keep in touch with each other, meet new people, make friends and share their experiences. Our main feature is that you can compare your flashbacks with others and see who was there, the same place, the same time. Thus, the feature helps you to meet your friends, your dream love or some one new, the common feature among you guys will be your flashback.Find out who shares the same flashback with you and stay connected through flashbacks. Only students are eligible to join, So its upto them to take full advantage of atflashback.com and make it a cool funky site.

Explore the exclusive students' webworld.

Meet friends
Make friends
Store your flashbacks as in dairy entry
Find out to how many people your are connected through your flashback
Find your long lost love
Find your childhood friends
Scribble away whatever you want to say to your friends in their blackboard
Send instant messages

To experience all these exciting features simply signup atflashback.com and click away to your flashbacks. Now just relax and enjoy at flashback, your flashbacks are safely tucked away in a place from where it won’t be lost.